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YOur space to explore your world with me

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A very warm welcome to my website.

You may be thinking about seeking some professional support with life's challenges,

and I very much hope to be able to help you.


I know life can be chaotic and we can feel out of control, and under pressure to hold everything together for a variety of reasons. Leading lives where we are trying to be so many things at once, and trying to perfect them all, can become overwhelming. We can feel isolated and lonely believing no-one understands us when all we really crave is a space to be heard, and really listened to. I can provide that space and be with you every step of the way as you explore your challenges. We can work together to tap into the tools you naturally have available to manage and cope with life and situations that arise.


I do this by offering a client-centred approach based on respect, empathy and honesty. I will support you in exploring your reasons for seeking therapy, within a non-judgemental environment. By creating a safe, open and genuine relationship with you, we can together find ways to deal with the difficulties you are experiencing. In doing so this can help you develop the tools to find clarity and become more confident, empowered and self-fulfilled when dealing with life's challenges.

When you decide to take the first step, whenever that might be,  I will be here to support you.


The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are ...


J P Morgan

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